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Passionate about textiles

Founded in 1951 in the heart of Avignon, NORPROTEX started as a regional company specializing in marketing knitwear products.
Following this initial success, it fast became the essential link in the chain connecting knitwear manufacturers in the North of France to retailers in the south of the country, a strategic position for distributing major French brands such as Achel, caddy, Jalla, Pierre Cardin, Jil, Triumph...
Starting in the 1970's, NORPROTEX diversified its provider list, turning towards Spain and Italy. At the same time, mass distribution was emerging. NORPROTEX was ahead of the curve and quickly got into the big stores as a knitwear wholesaler.
10 years down the road, NORPROTEX is pursuing its development strategy by focusing on the Far East and Southeast Asia and offering its customers a wider selection and more and more competitive prices.

Creative turn in the road

The 1990's brought a strategic turn in the road. NORPROTEX stopped operating as a wholesaler to begin developing and manufacturing products of its own.
With its fashion designers and offices, NORPROTEX could offer its original creations as an indisputable competitive edge.

Current vision

Presently, NORPROTEX designs, manufactures and markets exclusive and licensed collections, for multi-brand retailers and major distribution. Constantly on the lookout for new trends, NORPROTEX offers innovative concepts and products and consistently maintains a rich and varied portfolio of brand names. Nowadays, thanks to its vitality and boldness, it designs more than 20 collections and 3000 new products every year through NORSTYLE, its creative subsidiary!